Stroller Manufacturer Pushes Its Way to B2B Success with NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Jul 25, 2016 5:21:50 AM

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Maclaren was founded in 1965 in Great Britain by Owen Maclaren, a former test pilot and design engineer who invented the lightweight umbrella stroller. The extremely successful line of baby strollers led to Maclaren being hailed as a name to reckon with in baby and child carrier systems.

Established in 1999 as an American business entity separate from its British parent, Maclaren USA decided to branch into online retailing in 2012 with its ecommerce portal. It ventured further globally into Asia and Europe the next year.

Such rapid and wide expansion demanded complex customizations with regard to currency, language, laws, taxation, and more. Coupled with separate systems from various vendors for marketing, inventory management, manufacturing, financials, etc., it led to poor customer experience and growth-limiting complications for Maclaren.

In order to streamline their operations, reduce time-consuming and expensive maintenance, and to provide their customers with a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, Maclaren implemented NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce in January 2015.

By choosing SuiteCommerce to run its worldwide B2B and B2C business from one integrated platform, the company, which has customers in over 50 countries and has more than 2100 retail partners, ensured that they were free from repeated interruptions over the coming years as the business scales and expands to still more countries. SuiteCommerce provided Maclaren with all the capabilities and functionalities required for adapting to changing scale of operations, different global scenarios (including business and taxation laws, and compliance), and shifting customer preferences.

According to the Global Head of Technology at Maclaren, Jim Ramsey, "We wanted one global solution that could manage everything and help us grow and expand without having to continue to reinvest in technology and different point solutions,"

SuiteCommerce takes care of all aspects of Maclaren’s business – from inventory management, accounting, order management, marketing, and warehouse management, to production as well as customer support – as a one-stop solution. This has reduced the dependence on multiple vendors, and the pressure of maintaining hardware and software.

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce is cloud-based; therefore it grants the Maclaren operations team the agility to keep up with the fast-changing and dynamic global business conditions. It has increased operational efficiency and decreased operational costs.

After switching to NetSuite in January 2015, Maclaren launched its ecommerce websites specific for France, Spain, Germany, the US and the UK – five websites in four months! NetSuite helps Maclaren manage not only the ecommerce sites but also manages the logistics of operating warehouses in multiple countries (UK, US and France).

In short, NetSuite has enabled Maclaren with the following capabilities:

B2B success with NetSuite SuiteCommerce

  1. Efficient omnichannel ecommerce: Maclaren deftly handles orders from across the globe on multiple channels – mobile, website, phone, fax, email – ranging from large stores to boutique shops.
  2. Real-time information: Customer service executives can make informed decisions about customer care, payments and complaints by having easy access to current information about inventory, customer details and order details.
  3. Self-service for customers: This functionality makes it easy for a customer to view, change, manage, and track their account and order details without the dependence on customer support.
  4. Smart shopping experience: Dynamic merchandising, smart search, intuitive navigation and effortless checkout facilities provide a satisfying customer experience.
  5. Mobile experience: The Maclaren website is fully optimized to mobile and tablet screens for convenient browsing and shopping options for buyers.

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce gives B2B businesses the kind of flexibility and scalability that B2C businesses enjoy, by seamlessly integrating ecommerce with back-end operations. With SuiteCommerce, a B2B enterprise can discover new revenue streams, delight their customers, and convert an offline business to a high-performance, high-value online business.


Steven Cariglia

Written by Steven Cariglia

Steve leads Sixred's customer success team, and has a successful career providing technology solutions to Fortune 1000 and technology sectors. Our primary goal at Sixred is to drive customer success as that is the foundation of any effective business.