Mobile CRM: Breaking Free from the Confines of the Office!

Oct 18, 2016 8:45:34 AM


Mobile CRM or CRM software designed for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. has become essential in a world where technology is a prime driver of business and mobile tech has become ubiquitous. Linking a sales team to customers via mobile CRM allows them to access the customers’ data through the cloud and through the mobile app. Mobile CRM is extremely valuable when the sales force requires real-time data during field visits to meet prospective customers.

Today’s competitive business scenario and the advancement of technologies necessitate that sales people have instant and accurate access to customers’ data to make quick and informed decisions related to sales, demand/supply and procurement. They also need to communicate effectively and swiftly with the staff in the office, sending and receiving documents, messages, memos and so on. An on-the-field sales force cannot wait till the end of the day (or the week) when they can get to their desktops to look at the KPI metrics, scorecards and customer concerns. A mobile-enabled CRM system gives them instantaneous access to all the information they need to carry out their jobs effectively. Mobile CRM systems enable the expansion of the boundaries of businesses beyond the four walls of the office to a wider circle of stakeholders, including contractors and partners.

One of the world’s premier and highly integrated mobile CRM solutions, NetSuite’s mobile CRM provides the perfect collaborative tool for efficiency and productivity that goes beyond the workplace.

iPhone and Android are the two most popular platforms for mobile devices; NetSuite has CRM and ERP apps designed for both these platforms, covering a majority of mobile telephony users in the world.

Additionally, with the help of the SuiteCloud development platform, the apps can be customized according to the business needs.


NetSuite App for iPhone: Available from the Apple App Store for free, the NetSuite for iPhone app can be downloaded on iPhones for a personalized access to the CRM suite that includes record creation/modification/support and synchronization of KPI metrics, scorecards and graphs. Moreover, salespeople can execute approval of sales orders, conversion estimations, billing, and so much more, all on the go.

One futuristic addition to the iPhone app is the synchronization with the Apple Watch; Apple Watch wearers can now get a glimpse of updates and alerts at any time with just a glance at their watches.

NetSuite App for Android: As in the case of iPhone, Android phone users can also download the NetSuite app for mobile CRM from the Google Play Store for free. On-the-road sales personnel can access their customer data, KPI metrics and deal with sales orders, complaints and billings immediately, providing better customer care and client satisfaction.

NetSuite’s mobile CRM imparts the following advantages:

  • Real-time, 360-degree view: The mobile app empowers the sales force with totally updated and complete information about customers/clients – account history, price lists, promotions, product information – so that they can offer their customers more and better options, resulting in more sales.
  • On-the-spot access: Having easy access to role-based dashboards and instantaneous metrics wherever they are enables sales people to be more productive and efficient in their work. Collection of data on the spot on the field eliminates errors and inefficiencies arising due to re-entry of data.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: Personnel do not have to wait for getting back to the office to view and resolve issues or answer questions by clients. On-the-road accessibility and communication means better and faster resolution of customer complaints and queries, and, in turn, higher customer satisfaction and shorter sales cycles.
  • Better performance through collaboration: Though on the field, due to integrated communications, the sales force can deliver better results by collaborating with in-house employees, increasing employee satisfaction as well as productivity.


It is evident that a mobile CRM system significantly boosts efficiency and output of the sales team with the help of increased access to information, better communication channels and greater means to help customers. It is, therefore, no wonder that companies that support mobile CRM for their sales force see a higher percentage of sales quotas being achieved than those that do not.

NetSuite Mobile CRM is one of the most popular mobile CRM apps that help save countless man hours of customer services and add significantly to the bottom line of the business.

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