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Aug 18, 2016 5:57:30 AM

 NetSuite CRM+ Software

Unlike the ‘linear’ sales cycle of yesteryears, in today’s customer-centric digital world of business, the buzzword is ‘customer lifecycle’.The power is today in the buyer’s hands. 

Customers are one of The most important parts of any business. In other words, businesses exist and thrive because of their customers. Therefore, it follows that recording and managing customer data, and treatingcustomer relationships with respectand diligence will pay rich dividends to the business.How can a business demonstrate that it values its customers? The best way is to have a fantastic CRM system that registers and collates All your customer data in one central repository. A CRM system can be that one valuable asset that will increase profits, boost productivity and enhance customer service of your business.

Today’s businesses need a CRM system that, in addition to providing the conventional capabilities such as SFA, customer support, and marketing automation,alsomanage orders, quotes, commissions, etc. A modern CRM system needs to be adaptable to multiple devices, provide access to real-time data, and be able to integrate with social media.

NetSuite CRM+ is cloud-based software that delivers on all the above fronts: it grants an unhindered flow of customer information all the way from lead to closing, renewal, support and much more.

Here are a few ways in which NetSuite’s CRM+ has shown why it is superior to other customer relationship software.

NetSuite CRM+

1. All About W8: This Cheshire, UK–based ecommerce/healthcare business (now called Certaslim) originally began as a small company with a customized customer management system. As business boomed and the number of clients started climbing steeply, they found that they needed a CRM system that could scale up the operations efficiently and cost-effectively. 

  How NetSuite Helped:

  • NetSuite’s cloud-based SaaS model was very cost effective. Excellent ROI meant that the client was only spending about £4/user/day. Automation of customer service and enquiry management via website reduced the outflow due to manual processes.
  • Email marketing campaigns could be designed and executed easily.
  • The multifunctional CRM system allowed easy interfacing of the website and the SQL customer database. It also enabled complete relationship management of customers, prospective clients, and consultants.
  • Comprehensive emarketing was now possible, with the integration of a third-party telephone system with NetSuite.

 2. Guitar Center Pro: California-based provider of audio, video, lighting and sound equipment services experienced difficulties with contracts for providing equipment and services to studios and live events. The quote pipeline was inefficient due to use of outdated spreadsheet systems and frequent changes in quotes. Sales people were frustrated with repeated re-negotiations.

How NetSuite Helped:

  • NetSuite enabled Guitar Center Pro to create an automated, 4-stage quote pipeline.
  • Customized dashboards helped sales people and managers improve pipeline effectiveness with the help of visibility and analysis tools.
  • As a result, the business grew from 12 to 42 outlets in just five years!
3. SFFECO: Fire equipment manufacturer based in Saudi Arabia struggled with an expensive CRM system which failed to track new sales leads or calculate the value of large expenses.

 How NetSuite Helped:

  • The real-time reporting capability of CRM+ enabled managers to track leads and evaluate them so that they could follow up on the ones most likely to convert.
  • This resulted in improved conversion rates as well as better customer relationships.
  • A critical deployment deadline of 30 days was met, thanks to NetSuite’s CRM+.
4. Prudential Locations:The Hawaii-based real estate company (now known as Locations LLC) needed a unique solution for merging its customer data and real estate data. Also, there was a critical requirement for an intuitivecommunications system for interacting with customers.

 How NetSuite Helped:

  • It created customized solutions exclusive to the real estate business, connecting agents with past and prospective clients with the help of robust email marketing technology.
  • Agents were better able to gauge customer preferences due to integration of company portal and NetSuite CRM+ web portal.
  • Effective communication tools made it possiblefor agents to handle 10X more customer relationships than before.


These were but a few of the scores of companies that have benefited from NetSuite’s CRM+ software. It is clear that it beats all other customer relationship management systems hollow in elevating efficiency and productivity in businesses, by enabling a bird’s eye view of the entire customer database and lifecycle.

Sixred is a top NetSuite Global partner, with decades of combined experience in implementing and servicing NetSuite products. To know more about how you can leverage CRM+ for your organization’s success with its customers, contact sixred.com today.

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Steven Cariglia

Written by Steven Cariglia

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