How to Succeed In a Global Business Scenario

Aug 29, 2016 6:52:31 AM

Global Business Management Solutions From NetSuite OneWorld

With worldwide market liberalization and deregulation, combined with the latest advances in information technology, there has been an unprecedented surge in the number of multinational corporations around the world. Research from McKinsey Global Institute predicts that about 400 midsize emerging-market cities scattered around the world will generate virtually 40% of global business over the next decade and a half.These modern multinationals are different from those giant MNCs of yesteryears. It goes without saying that the Internet has changed the face of modern global business. Today, even a relatively small company can expand beyond its borders and gain a customer base anywhere in the world, thanks to innovation and technology.

There are three basic components to running a successful global business:

Successful Global Business Scenario

  • Sales & Marketing Expertise: A global enterprise has to take into consideration the customs, language, currency, time zone and regulations of each country in which it does business. This involves a massive effort of consolidating and evaluating immense amounts of customer and compliance data.
  • eCommerce Operations Efficiency: Buying & selling across countries can be mindboggling with respect to taxes, compliance and other regulatory parameters. Having a methodical and exhaustive system in place to take of these can prove to be a huge advantage in the global competitive stage.
  • Services Resource Management: With their human capital as well as other resources scattered far and away from the home base, MNCs need to have in place, comprehensive mechanisms to manage all of them for smooth, uninterrupted functioning of the enterprise.

Helping such companies gain and retain a strong foothold in the rapidly changing global business scenario is a comprehensive suite of business management solutions software from NetSuite, called OneWorld.

NetSuite, with its decades of experience of working with hundreds of conglomerates as well as with small businesses, has developed the one-stop solution for everything that you need for taking your company across nations and borders, and making it a grand success.

Here’s what OneWorld offers:

OneWorld understands that no matter where your office is based, the above three components of your business are vital and need to be managed efficiently for your business to thrive globally.

Sales and Marketing Expertise:

When your customers are spread across the world, in multiple time zones, it becomes that much more critical to keep a bird’s eye view on all their information – from the kind of products they’re looking for, to the sites they visit, to what they actually buy, and what they do not buy.

CRM+, NetSuite’s premium customer relationship management system tells you all this and more – facilitating new opportunities for revenue generation via cross-sell, up-sell and proactive customer service. It takes care of quotes, orders, and commissions, and based on past purchase behaviour, even forecasts future sales.

Commerce Operations:

Whether it is B2B or B2C, a good commerce operations platform can mean all the difference between a highly satisfying buying experience for the customer, and a dreary one. SuiteCommerce is one such platform that not only engages the customers’ attention with a rich, intuitive interface but also enables integration of all the customer data gathered from various channels.

 This means that all your business entities – e-store, distributors, actual store, channel partners – come together at one single site, enabling multiple opportunities for revenue generation via new customers, products and services!

Service Resources Management:

Project and resource management is a critical skill; yet it is extremely difficult to master it completely. And when your projects are spread across continents, you need a system to run everything efficiently and tie it all back to your head office. With Resource Planning from NetSuite, it is all taken care of.

From timesheet filling to expense management, every single aspect of project management can be handled by this software – allowing you to manage multiple projects in different locations, remotely, but just as efficiently. It gives you real-time visibility into each project at different levels of resources, financials, capabilities and optimization.

With such superior products available at your disposal, managing a trans-national, cross-continental enterprise is no longer as daunting as it might have been some years ago. OneWorld enables your international venture to function smoothly and seamlessly between countries, currencies, laws and cultures.


It is no wonder that NetSuite’s OneWorld is a highly acclaimed and valued asset for companies aiming for a multinational, multichannel presence for their business.

In short, NetSuite’s cloud-based OneWorld has empowered hundreds of small, medium and big businesses launch and triumphantly run their operations in multiple countries, by providing real-time business insights and support to companies in over 150 countries. Now that you know what OneWorld can do, what are you waiting for?

Call us at Sixred, for more information on OneWorld. Our experts will be glad to talk to you and explain how best we can tailor our solutions for your business needs.

Steven Cariglia

Written by Steven Cariglia

Steve leads Sixred's customer success team, and has a successful career providing technology solutions to Fortune 1000 and technology sectors. Our primary goal at Sixred is to drive customer success as that is the foundation of any effective business.